Dec 10, 2021

1 min read

ErgoDEX and Genius Yield partnership announcement

Thrilled to announce our first big partnership! We have been working alone since the start of the project, but now is the time to cozy up to strong friends to move the world of DeFi forward even faster!

We are proud to collaborate with Genius Yield, an automated yield optimization algorithm developer and DEX aggregator on the Cardano blockchain. The main purpose of our collaboration is to educate current and new users about DeFi to drive true mass adoption!

We agreed with Genius Yield to do a token swap in the coming months to seed the liquidity on different platforms, including ErgoDEX itself. So, when the Cardano AMM is released, the GENS/ADA pair will be available to trade on the Cardano side of the DEX!

Stay tuned

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